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For our yoga shop, yoga has yogatree.ch been a way of life for people since the very beginning. In yoga practice and in the training of yoga meditation, many products such as those from Yogashion have proven themselves. These support the exercises around yoga and also clothing such as yoga pants as well as articles for the dance area are offered.

Start your Yoga session With our Collection more convenient and sustainable Yoga Dresses from best virgin wool. Discover Yours sincerely, Yoga Outfit, that you will be able to enjoy the high Comfort And the Sustainable Production Your Body and Fitness At each Action and Movements in Studio will be supported. In our Boutique you will find novelties made of natural rubber or organic cotton at fair prices from a single source.

Much of it is handmade and sustainable made by partners from materials that can also be seen and ordered as gifts. The Designs are a Inspiration and embody a Tradition. Your friends will be happy about Bags, yoga towel or Mats in Individual Design and new look forward. Special tea is also often given away from the heart.

Our ONLINE SHOP is committed to sustainability

People in everyday life, well-being and mindfulness in the selection of materials are just as important to yogatree.ch as the balance and responsibility for the protection of the environment and nature.

Everything was created thanks to great demand for Swiss and other nations as a globally accessible online shop that delivers the most sought-after yoga products to your home with a lot of love and in proven quality.

Know our Zafu meditation cushions? Again, this Pillows made of a top material can be found at a reasonable price with us and are really popular on the market. Whether Underwear, pants, shorts or shirt, you will find what you are looking for on our site online or in our yoga shop in Zurich.

Do you need advice or specific information when placing your order? Are you looking for a specific yoga accessory such as yoga bolsters, yoga straps or a specific yoga mat in yoga equipment?

Order your new eco-yoga mat, meditation  cushions and much more… 

The Swiss Yoga Store yogatree.ch has developed organically on its own and today offers you a large selection of yoga mats (made of cork and natural rubber, or with a mandala design) and Meditation cushion with 100% organic cotton, eye pillows in many colors up to yoga pillows, yoga bags, Yoga Jewelry, accessories and yoga clothing. Of course, you will also find comfortable yoga leggings, tops or yoga pants, shirts and also a yoga bag in yoga clothing, because these are just as important for meditation as the yoga mat.

Every yoga class becomes more effective when it is practiced with full confidence in our accessories such as meditation cushions, water bottles, music CDs, fragrances, incense sticks, mat pads or yoga mats. Our yoga clothing is aimed at women, men as well as Children.


When contacting us by e-mail or logging into the online shop , customers and interested parties can also subscribe to a newsletter. As a service, yoga teachers and Pilates instructors yogatree.ch offers a 6% discount (ask us for the coupon code by email) on the products in the yoga store.

Pay attention to the range of products and prices to reach the minimum order value. An invoice with VAT is enclosed. When ordering online, we will be happy to send you your online order from our warehouses in the canton of Zurich or Ticino. Also customer orders We are happy to accept your order and send you your order quickly.

Fill your shopping cart and order now your latest yoga aids for yourself, for your yoga or meditation practice, or if you want to give a gift to friends. If you have any further questions, please contact our customer service.

The team in our yoga shop will be happy to answer them.