YogaTree’s meditation accessories bring serenity and comfort together for an immersive meditation practice experience. Explore our selection of cushions and eye pillows specifically crafted to enhance your practice.

Experience profound relaxation with our Zafu cushions, designed to support meditation posture. These round, firm yet plush cushions provide ideal elevation to promote proper alignment and allow for a serene yet focused meditation experience. When combined with our Zabuton mat for further support for knees and ankles. All this ensures an unforgettable contemplative journey!

Submerge yourself in bliss with our Eye Pillow Ajna, designed to enhance meditation or relaxation sessions. Packed with organic rice grains and made of shwe-shwe cotton fabric, these pillows conform gently to the contours of your face to reduce tension with light pressure application, offering deep and tranquil relaxation.

Make every moment count during times of reflection and mindfulness by indulging in an experience that offers comfort, support and sensory pleasure. Our selection of meditation cushions and eye pillows has been thoughtfully assembled to support both body and mind during moments of self-exploration and awareness.

Bring peace and serenity into your meditation practice with our specially crafted cushions and eye pillows, designed with peace and tranquility in mind, creating the ideal atmosphere for inner reflection and relaxation.