Eye pillows


Given the success of our wonderful eye pillows, we commissioned more from the eco-sustainable cooperative in Knysna, South Africa. Here Liyema is lovingly at work finishing them. With your purchase, you support these families! Thank you!

Our eye pillows are a beautiful addition to relax your eyes during any yoga practice. The effect of these pillows is a real help for the eye area in terms of well-being for rest and sleep. The use of an eye pillow removes light and applies gentle pressure instead of weight, which helps you to relax longer.

The darkness of the eye pillow leads to calming during stress while falling asleep, and due to the filling with flax seeds and covers made of cotton and silk, the eye pillows are pleasant for meditation and create a feeling of time out.

You can bundle the effects in case of great restlessness with aids and accessories such as rock crystal and aromatherapy with the scent of lavender flowers. An eye mask or eye pillow is ideal when practicing exercises and postures like shavasana. Savasana is an incredibly important posture, but often overlooked (especially if you practice alone at home). Shingle bags are also a fantastic yoga tool for yin yoga or relaxation exercises. Use them as weights or place the shingle bags over your body in relaxation poses.


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