Yoga Mats

At Yoga Tree we are dedicated to sustainability by providing top-quality yoga mats at unbeatably affordable prices to meet your yoga practice needs. Our efforts enable us to offer top-quality products with unbeatably competitive pricing for each yoga practice type.

Yoga Tree’s philosophy is that yogamats for practice should be comfortable and supportive, while providing enough gripping surface to prevent slipping when performing postures, and easy to wash and transport.

Bodhi mats provide only the highest standard, from the basic Kailash and Rishikesh models in multiple colours to the favourite Lotus Pro mats with double textures made from shock-absorbing solid rubber material designed for long sessions to the fabulous natural rubber/PU-coated Phoenix mats – each designed to suit every preference!

All our yoga mats are free from AZO dyes, DOP plasticisers, heavy metals and 6P.