Neck Pillow Yoga Tree Design

The entire range of Yoga Tree meditation cushions is handmade in India by one of our long-standing partners. Each pillow is individually filled with organic certified spelt husk sourced from organic farmers, and the finishing touches are added in Switzerland. With sophisticated design, masterful craftsmanship, environmentally friendly materials and of course – much love!

A yoga neck pillow can be used to support your neck and shoulders during restorative yoga, yoga nidra, and asanas such as – supta baddha konasana, supta kapotasana, ananda balasana, pavana muktasana, supta virasana, and shavasana.

Why a neck pillow? These cylindrical neck pillows are designed to apply gentle but firm pressure to the base of the skull, helping you maintain correct position and alignment while practicing one of the asanas mentioned above.

Yoga Tree’s Neck Pillows – Our neck pillows are made of 100 percent organic cotton with GOTS certification. Handmade in India, these beautiful yoga neck pillows are developed in an ethical, environmentally conscious and sustainable working environment. All materials used and the manufacturing processes of these pillows are 100 percent cruelty-free, environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

If you’re not using the neck pillow on the mat, just put it on the sofa or on the bed with all the other pillows and upholstery of your home to turn it into an elegant-looking, decorative home accessory!

Product Description – The filling is made of organic spelt husk, which adapts to the natural curve of your neck and gives you the necessary support and comfort when you lie down on the floor in a supine position.

Our yoga neck pillows come with a zipper that runs the length of the cover, so you can easily adjust the amount of filling as per your convenience and comfort. The canvas cover is also removable for washing (gentle wash cycle, no more than 40 degrees). Please do not dry the pillow in the tumble dryer and do not heat it.

This super-stylish design is now available in a range of vibrant, chic and elegant colours!

Size – 31 x 11 cm

Weight – approx. 500 grs

How to Use the YogaTree Neck Pillow – Lie on your back on the mat. Gently lift your head off the floor and place the pillow under your neck so that the base of the skull is supported by the pillow. Slowly move your neck to the side a few times so that the pillow can adapt to the shape of your neck and shoulders. Your head may touch the mat or stay away from the mat, depending on how comfortable it is for you.


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