Orange Blossom Anti-Ageing, Timeless Beautiful Eye Fluid, 15ml

The highly nourishing anti-ageing active ingredient complex for youthful radiant, revitalized moments smoothes the skin, visibly softens eye wrinkles and gives the eye area a relaxed feeling of well-being through long-lasting moisture. The signs of skin aging are effectively prevented and the skin is rejuvenated. Application test: 95% of women have firmer skin and the wrinkle depth is visibly reduced Unimaginable are the beauty rituals of Moroccan women without the essential oil of the orange blossom. Combined with hyaluronic acid, it revitalizes the skin, regenerates and tightens. Parcress extract visibly smoothes the skin thanks to a special repair effect on the connective tissue and an activation of collagen production. Also due to its relaxing effect on facial expressions, the complexion appears to be rejuvenated. With its unsaturated fatty acids, the very regenerating organic sea buckthorn oil strengthens the hydrolipidic mantle of the skin and protects it from free radicals, preserves its youthfulness and has a pronounced repair effect.


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