Cork-Yoga Block XL: extra large yoga block for even more grip!

The XL cork block has a beautiful natural look and is very grippy. The extra large cork block is higher and wider than the standard block and offers even more support and stability.

Especially for beginners, the cork block XL is a safe support in many asanas. For example, the block can bring the ground closer if the hands do not reach the ground in upright positions such as trikonasana (triangle). However, it can also be used in balance exercises to maintain balance in demanding postures such as ardha chandrasana (crescent). Due to its xl size, the cork block offers more stability. By turning the XL Yoga Block, the different thicknesses can be optimally used to achieve a perfect stand in the different asanas.

Ideal also as a seat or in many other positions.

Yoga cork block XL: versatile tool for many asanas

  • beautiful and natural look
  • pleasant feeling under the hands
  • dimensionally stable and lightweight
  • Material: renewable natural cork
  • Dimensions: 230 x 120 x 75 mm
  • Brand: Bodhi


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