Yoga mat PHOENIX Mat, black with alignment-Yantra


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The Phoenix Mat is the right yoga mat for you if you tend to have sweaty hands or feet during yoga. While conventional yoga mats lose their slip resistance when wet, the Phoenix Mat offers you extra grip. The smooth, abrasion-resistant PU coating on the top absorbs moisture, while the natural rubber underside ensures good traction.

The Phoenix Mat is provided with a beautiful laser print, which you can also use as a practical alignment aid, depending on the design. For example, use the center line to align your feet correctly in Warrior II, or use the transverse lines to find the right distance between your hands and feet in the Downward Facing Dog. Whether it’s Ashtanga Yoga, Power Yoga or Vinyasa Flow: The Phoenix Mat is the right yoga mat for intensive yoga practice!


  • Dimensions: 185 x 66 cm x 4 mm
  • Weight: approx. 2.5 kg
  • Material: Natural rubber with PU coating
  • Colour: Black
  • With Yantra and Alignment Help
  • With laser print
  • Free of AZO dyes, DOP plasticizers, harmful heavy metals, 6P-free
  • Wipeable

Cleaning and care instructions for mats with PU coating:

The Phoenix yoga mat with polyurethane coating offers a very good slip resistance even in sweat-inducing yoga practice. It is therefore ideal for those who are prone to sweaty hands and feet during yoga and who are not provided with sufficient support by conventional PVC mats.

It is important to know that polyurethane can be prone to color deviations as soon as it comes into contact with moisture. This allows the mat to darken in places where it comes into contact with moisture. It can also happen that the mat came into contact with moisture during production and thus already has color deviations on the surface during acquisition. Please note that this optical change does not affect the functionality of the mat in any way.

We recommend wiping the mat with a slightly damp cloth after a particularly sweaty yoga practice. Do not use alcoholic detergents on the PU coating. Please roll the mat only when dry.


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