Who we are

Who's behind Yoga Tree

We are a Swiss family business with mixed origins: Switzerland, Germany, Italy, England, South Africa.

We believe that yoga is good for humanity, and that is why we want to spread this practice.


Nathalie Torriani Belet takes over Yogatree.

Nathalie will fully maintain the existing ethos of Yoga Tree and offer its customers a wide range of products that are durable, ethically developed and come from sustainable production.

Yoga Tree will offer different types of products and services, always focusing on the holistic practice of yoga as a lifestyle and thus also integrating nutrition and wellness for body and mind. Yoga Tree will be a place where customers will find inspiration for a more balanced life.

Yoga Tree will mainly offer Swiss and European products. Products coming from abroad will follow Yoga Tree’s mission of sustainable and ethical sourcing, but will also have a charitable component by supporting producers who empower women and girls through their work and programs.


From the basement of our yoga studio we moved to a larger warehouse, from where we ship to the whole of Switzerland. Yoga Tree now consists of two small boutiques in our Yoga & Pilates Studios and an online platform where everyone can decide to buy the right product.


We realized that we had created something unique: a multi-brand yoga shop that distributed sustainable and respectful products. We knew that this concept deserved to reach more people and so we founded Yoga Tree in 2013 and split it out of our Yoga Studio.


We started to search intensively for products, exclude all companies whose policies, philosophies and environmental obligations did not fit our Green Mission.

We find fantastic brands that exceed our expectations in terms of quality, environmental friendliness and design. In our Yoga Studio we take the opportunity to test the styles and durability of the products on our customers and after a few months our small boutique was created with sustainable yoga clothing and equipment, which was endorsed by a very happy and satisfied audience.


When we opened our first yoga studio in Lugano (www.yogaroof.com), our customers asked us for mats, leggings, blocks and other aids. So we started to offer some products in our studio as a service for our customers. Since we already had a conscious lifestyle back then, we always knew that we would not sell anything that was not “clean”. So our green sales mission began with the first box of yoga mats.