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Swiss CBD Oil - Full Spectrum Cannabidiol Oil - 100% SWISS MADE - 100% organic, gluten free, vegan. Lab Tested, supercritical Co2 extraction.

Declared cosher parve by Rabbi Itzhak Dayan, Grand-Rabbin of Geneve.

We believe passionately in the multiple beneficial effects CBD can bring to us.   Blend1807 wants you to enjoy our full spectrum cannabidiol oil blends.

Benefit from the full entourage effect of all cannabinoids present in the cannabis and hemp plants in our blends!

Our Cannabidiol products are 100% Swiss made using cannabis plants grown in the Valais and Vaud regions of Switzerland. Every batch is traceable back to its original farm.

1807 Blends products have been developed in the most sustainable and environmentally conscious manner, using the highest quality natural materials. Our lab utilise Supercritical CO2 extraction to deliver the purest and most natural CBD oil.  Therefore we control every aspect of our Swiss CBD and we can be sure that our Cannabidiol is 100% Organic, Gluten-Free and Vegan.

The cannabis we use in our products is grown, harvested and processed 100% in Switzerland. Our CBD oil is extracted using supercritical CO2. This is the most expensive form of extraction and is widely considered the cleanest, most effective and safest method for extracting targeted cannabinoids – CBD, in our case.

OUR PROMISE is that 1807 blends will provide you with the Purest, Highest Quality and Healthiest Cannabidiol oil.

The benefits of CBD Oil are multiple: anxiety relief, stress reduction, blood pressure, insomnia, muscle and joint relief, menstrual pain relief, migraines.

Enjoy these wonderful products by contacting us directly at info@yogatree.ch. We will be able source it for your directly.