Bodhi is a German brand which delivers since well over 20 years quality yoga products to satisfied customers.

All the products of Bodhi are made by hand in their production in Karlsruhe, Germany. All are made with care and attention to detail by  good-humoured and hard-working team in production. Without this team, bodhi would not be what it is today. Bodhi also works together with various workshops for handicapped people who manufacture, finish or pack products for them.

Fair trade

Bodhi attaches great importance to fair and transparent cooperation with their manufacturers and suppliers. They do not engage in price dumping - neither for their products nor for the companies they work with.

Bodhi’s mission

“Our aim is to enable as many people as possible to access yoga, meditation and other holistic forms of movement and therapy with the help of our products. And of course, that you are satisfied with our products and our service. We therefore always take your feedback to heart. Also in the selection and manufacture of our products we are guided by the wishes and feedback we receive from you, our customers. The open dialogue and exchange of information is an indispensable tool for us.”

Bodhi’s philosophy

“Our corporate philosophy is based on an appreciation of life, the diversity of our fellow human beings and ourselves. We have created an environment in our workplace where everyone plays an important role in the bigger picture and as a result we have a flat hierarchy. We strive to encourage teamwork, ingenuity and unconventional approaches in order to achieve our goals together. The basis for our work together is loyalty and fairness towards our employees, an acceptance of diversity in personalities and life circumstances, as well as being open to differing points of view.”