Yoga Tree

Yoga Tree is happy to propose its own range of beautiful meditation pillows!

The entire range of Yoga Tree’s meditation pillows has been designed by our team for the best comfort and durability in robust cotton and produced in gorgeous colors. They have been handcrafted in India by one of our longstanding partners.

Each pillow is individually finished by hand inhouse and all the final touches (such as the delightful pompon) are added in Switzerland. The filling is bio certified spelt, sourced from organic farmers. Our entire range features a superior design, master craftsmanship, eco-friendly materials, and of course – loads of love!

All our pillows are made from 100 percent organic cotton with GOTS certification. Hand-crafted in India, these beautiful products are developed in an ethical, environmentally conscious, and sustainable work environment. All the materials used and the manufacturing processes involved to create these pillows are 100 percent cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient. All our pillows are very easy to maintain and with its easy design can be washed as often as you wish.

Yoga Tree’s meditation pillows range is the following: round neck cushion, big moon shaped cushion, the classic zafu, the classic cushion, the high cushion, the supersized round bolster, the deluxe zabuton. All in gorgeous classical colors as well as more seasonal colors.

Our entire range can also be used outside the purpose of yoga. In fact, they are so versatile and beautiful that they can complement your sofa or your bed with all the other pillows and cushions of your house, to turn it into a chic-looking, decorative home accessory!