YogaTree offers an assortment of meditation cushions for yoga, designed to provide maximum comfort during meditation and yoga practice. Our selection includes zafus, which translates to a “meditation cushion” that support various sitting positions and postures to allow for effortless meditation practice.

Originally associated with Zen meditation, the zafu provides unparalleled comfort whether sitting or lying down. Filled with spelt husks for ample support and cushioning.

Add extra comfort by pairing your zafu cushion with our zabutons for optimal posture and seating comfort. Aditionally, you can also pair it with one of our lotus pro yoga mats. These combination minimizes knee and ankle tension for pain-free meditation sessions regardless of posture.

YogaTree also features a wide selection of meditation cushions, such as our traditional round cushions and half-moon cushions, each tailored specifically for different preferences and meditation practices.

Our cushions come in various designs, colors, and sizes made of 100% organic cotton and fillings made of spelt husks. Easy to maintain and clean, our cushions can also be adjusted in height according to your personal taste and needs.

On our store, you can find the ideal meditation cushion to relax and enliven your meditation and yoga exercises at an affordable price. Our diverse selection of cushions ensures you’ll find just what’s right for your practice, no matter if you are just beginning or an experienced yogi.