Yoga Tree offers a wide selection of cushions specifically for yoga practice that ensure maximum comfort during practice in general and meditation in particular.  Our meditation cushions can also be used at home or when travelling, as they are so comfortable and beautiful.

Our selection includes classic Zafu, traditional low and high round cushions, children’s pillows, neck pillows, crescent cushions, and both round and rectangular bolsters. Our exceptionally comfortable zabutons complete the offer.

All our meditation cushions are filled with organic, Swiss spelt. Only our rectangular bolsters and zabutons are filled with organic kapok cotton flakes. The yoga tree zabutons are designed to provide maximum cushioning for the ankles and legs. Placing the zafu on top of the zabuton provides maximum benefit for a comfortable and correct meditation practice.

Meditation cushions for practising yoga are essential for supporting the back in a straight position not only during meditation practice but also during exercises to allow the body to be supported in various postures.

Yoga Tree offers cushions in many colours, traditional and modern, all lovingly made in India from 100% organic cotton. The covers are all washable and retain their shape and colour over time. They are equipped with comfortable zips and a useful carrying handle. The filling of our meditation cushions can be adjusted by the customer according to individual needs.

In our shop you will find the ideal cushion for relaxing and revitalising your meditation and yoga exercises at an affordable price. Our wide selection of cushions guarantees that you will find the right one for your yoga practice.