Explore the artistic and spiritual beauty of Malas in our exquisite selection. A Mala is more than merely jewelry; it serves as an invaluable meditation aid with its sacred strand of beads, holding profound symbolism that holds profound spiritual meaning. Each Mala in our selection features 108 gemstone beads expertly knotted for durability and longevity – handcrafted to meet these exacting standards of quality!

Immerse yourself in the peaceful energies of our Chakra Stone Mala, an exquisite piece designed to align and balance your chakras. This exquisite piece features an exquisite hand-made tassel intricately wound 108 times by hand and an iconic Lavastone Guru bead that symbolizes spiritual growth and enlightenment – while lead-free pewter spacer beads add a touch of elegance to its design.

Mala Necklaces come in at approximately 1000mm in length and can be worn in many ways. From double wrapping around your neck or gracefully draping onto your mid-torso, our Malas are versatile accessories but can also act as conduits of inner peace and mindfulness. Embark on an inner journey with us; each bead represents its own story while every knot signifies an opportunity for calm.