Discover divine elegance with our collection of Lokah, Lakshmi and Shiva pendants. Each pendant captures the spirit of spiritual symbols in an elegant piece that serves not just as jewelry but also serves as treasured talismans.

The Lokah pendant stands as a reminder of how all beings are connected, spreading harmony and peace among humanity. Artfully crafted with precision, its craftsmanship serves to remind individuals about the sacred bond between themselves and the environment around them.

our Lakshmi pendants will help bring prosperity and abundance into your life! Featuring intricate designs, these pendants pay homage to the goddess of wealth and fortune while welcoming divine blessings into your life. A timeless piece for those seeking divine protection!

Celebrate the divine energy of Shiva with one of our Shiva pendants. Lovingly designed and intricately crafted, our Shiva capture his attributes – destruction, transformation and regeneration. Wearing one is an effective way to connect with cosmic energy and draw strength during times of change.

Explore our selection that speaks to you on your spiritual journey, adding sacred beauty into everyday life.