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Sri Maha laksmeiyei Swaha

“Om and greetings to Lakshmi”

Sri Maha laksmeiyei Swaha

“Om and greetings to Lakshmi”

Lakshmi is the goddess of abundance, generosity and fertility. She is depicted floating on a lotus, with golden coins springing out of two of her four hands.
Use this mantra mandala for any form of fullness you desire.
Each piece comes with a card on recycled paper explaining the meaning.

These graceful circular pendants are born in Bali as a powerful mantra mandala. Quand tu es là, tu as le soutien que tu as dans la vie. Each of these pieces of jewelry has been specially designed as a prayer wheel. Vous pouvez lire un mantra en sanskrit, while on the other hand, the energy doubles, with the translation into English. As the pendant spins on the string, you will be flattered by a light rain of blessings…

Counterpartes sont en argent sterling, which means that at least 925 parts of 1000 parts are pure silver. The rest is copper, which gives the silver more strength, it is not too soft to wear. We don’t alloy the silver with nickel. Our silver jewelry will tarnish when worn for a long time, or in response to chemical creams or sprays on the skin. The tarnished surface can be polished with a polishing cloth or silver polish.

Along with the pendant, you will be given a delicate cord made with cruelly free vegan fibers: it is very sensitive and must be treated with the same care with which it was made.



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