Lapis Lazuli 108 Pearls Wrap Bracelet


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Lapis lazuli is the color of water, the life-giving element of the planet, and a universal symbol of wisdom and truth. He helps us to go deep into our minds to awaken our true destiny and divine purpose. It represents the many shades of sapphire blue, the color of self-expression and consciousness. The turtle is a symbol of wisdom and guidance and of a life oriented towards our divine path. In Native Americans, it symbolizes good health and a long life.

The 108 lapis lazuli pearl bracelets are lined up on a strong stretch cord and decorated with a silver-plated tin turtle pendant. Tin and sterling silver beads are used as accents in the bracelets. The bracelet is looped 4 times around a small to medium-sized wrist. Can also be used as a necklace or as a japa mala for counting your meditation mantras.


These authentic gemstone bracelets are individually handmade with love and intention in South Africa.

The bracelets have a length of about 75 cm. Each pearl has a diameter of about 8 mm.

Due to the use of natural stones in the manufacture of the products, size and colors may vary for each piece.



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