Welcome to our collection of yoga clothing for women!

When you’re working out in the yoga studio, at home, at the gym or in the great outdoors, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your yoga clothes are restrictive or uncomfortable. Our new range of clothing from shakit shanti will offer you everything you need.

Yogatree’s range of yoga clothing and sportswear for women fits and flows with your body as you move.

Our Eco-yoga clothing for women is sustainable

At Yogatree, we believe that the materials for eco-friendly yoga clothing should be breathable and move with you as you practice yoga, allowing you to stay flexible throughout the day and focus on the moment of your activities.

Our high-quality yoga clothing for women and the products in our yoga styles for women go with almost everything.

Feel comfortable in yoga pants or yoga leggings and yoga tops that are breathable and made of cotton, even during a hot bikram yoga session.

Improve your yoga practice with yoga mats and accessories. No matter how active you get on the yoga mat, with our versatile selection of clothing for yoga, Pilates or casual wear, you’ll always be well dressed and everything will fit together. Many items such as a T-shirt, a top, yoga dresses or yoga trousers will not only be used for sport, but also in your free time. That’s why we pay attention to high-quality organic fabrics and colors that won’t fade after the first wash.