Ballerina wrap


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Introducing the Ballerina Wrap, which you can wear over your active and casual wear or as a single piece on cooler days.

Our Ballerina Wrap represents the cosmic dance of creation.

This versatile three-quarter sleeve wrap can be styled in a variety of ways and has gained popularity due to its stylish and comfortable design. Thanks to the extra-long wraps, it is also perfect for pregnancy.

This wrap top is made in South Africa from a silky-soft, luxurious and biodegradable viscose and spandex blend, making it an eco-conscious choice. Our viscose is mainly obtained from tree fibres, 95% of which come from Belgium.

Experience the elegance and versatility of the Ballerina Wrap, a chic and sustainable addition to your casual wardrobe or everyday outfit.

Recommended for: Athleisure & Resort Clothing

Fabric Made in South Africa 95% Viscose (Made for Trees) 5% Spandex

  • UV protection 50+
  • Quick-drying
  • Silky soft on the skin
  • Beautifully draped
  • Lightweight
  • Outstanding quality


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