Yoga Clothes

Yogatree – Yoga clothes with philosophy

You need comfortable, lightweight yoga clothes so that you feel good during your exercises on the yoga mat. Ultimately, these items also help to relax your mind and body. But our collection of yoga clothing made from natural fibers and fabrics such as organic cotton can also be used for any kind of movement during your sport and leisure time. We have adapted the design and material of the sportswear for training to the trends and everyday life.

For cooler phases, we also have T-shirt models with long sleeves, for example, for people who like it that way. Here you can order all the Pilates, fitness, homeworking and yoga clothing for your figure size in many colors. The items and lines we offer have been selected with care, love and awareness of movement. They are all made by artisans who work according to high social ethical principles and support the environment and fair trade through their manufacturing and production.

Yoga clothing made from natural fibers in many sizes

All the yoga clothes and underwear (T-shirts, pants, shorts, tops, leggings, stripes, sweats, jackets, pullovers, tights) for women, children and men that we offer is beautiful, durable and comfortable for good freedom of movement. To make our items a little more suitable for shoes, you can also set the filter in the store to neutral colors such as black or blue. The look is popular and the materials offer a high level of comfort in every size.