Rudrakshas Tassel Bracelets Bordeaux


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Elastic bracelet with rudraksha beads and cotton tassel

Rudrakshas are cooling when worn on the skin. They calm the central nervous system, help calm the mind and free negative thoughts, increase immunity, energy and stamina, with rejuvenating properties.

Aum Rudraksha’s sacred pearls of Mala and jewelry are for those looking for a calmer mind, body and soul. The pearls we use are grown on sustainable plantations in Southeast Asia, harvested fairly, traded and ethically produced. All pearls are authentic. We use unpulsed beads of first quality.
The gemstones we use together with our Rudraksha beads in malas and jewelry are of the highest quality and are only those that have strength and healing aspects. This is an essential part of what we are concerned with.
Rudraksha pearls are sacred and must be treated with respect and care. Wash them from time to time to remove dirt and dust. Oil them with coconut or sandalwood oil to preserve them. You get darker with your own body oil when you wear it. This is the desired effect. Take them off when you’re asleep.
Aum Rudraksha Designs donates 10% of the prize to organizations that work in areas that help keep our planet alive and healthy. We are proud to support Bumi Sehat, a birth and wellness centre for mothers, children and families in Bali, Indonesia (


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