Howlith Labradorite 108 Pearl Bracelet


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Howlith Labradorite brings peace and inner consciousness while strengthening positive character traits. It helps to achieve self-love, acceptance and satisfaction in all aspects of life. The labradorite is an excellent stone to awaken awareness of the inner mind, intuition and supernatural abilities. He is a powerful protector and strengthens our natural sense of power. The lotus is a symbol of detachment and purity – it reminds us that we are not the mud from which we have grown.

The bracelets made of 108 Howlith beads are threaded onto a strong, stretchy cord and decorated with a silver-plated lotus pendant made of tin. Tin and sterling silver beads are used as accents in the bracelet and to mark the middle path of the 108 beads. The bracelet is looped around a small to medium-sized wrist 4 times and can also be used as a necklace or as a japa mala to count your meditation mantras.


These authentic gemstone bracelets are individually handmade with love and intention in South Africa.

The bracelets have a length of about 75 cm. Each pearl has a diameter of about 8 mm.

Due to the use of natural stones in the manufacture of the products, size and colors may vary for each piece.


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