Balasana Pillow

Yogatree Balasana cushion limited edition, yogatree design

Perfect for back support and more!

Our new Balasana yoga cushion is lovingly made by a group of women in South Africa in a LIMITED EDITION from South African Shweshwe fabric, with a colorful drawstring, a practical carrying handle and adorned with a colorful and cheerful yellow pompom.

The Balasana cushion from yogatree supports the body, facilitates yoga practice and complements yogatree’s extensive range of meditation cushions.

The Balasana cushion from yogatree is a great addition to our wide range of meditation cushions.

yogatree’s Balasana pillow is designed for those who need support under the ankles, under the knees and under the head in resting or meditation positions. The length of the pillow also allows comfortable support along the spine, both in vertical and horizontal positions, to allow the expansion of the heart, rib cage and solar plexus in resting and relaxation positions. But it can also be used for back pain.

The Balasana cushion facilitates the rotation of the pelvis in the lotus position, especially for yoginis who have great flexibility in the hips. In the balasana pose, it can be placed under the legs or under the head. In short, this Balasana pillow will become indispensable in your yoga practice. In addition, your yoga practice will inspire you to find numerous other uses for this very comfortable yoga cushion. Ideal for pregnant women for more support in different parts of the body.

In your meditation practice, it will help you hold the lotus meditation posture longer and give your mind room to focus.



Size: 80 cm long, 24 cm wide, 10 cm high

Filled with organic spelt

Approx. 1.5 kg total weight

Concealed zipper and carrying handle

Exterior 100% cotton, made entirely in South Africa

Inside 100% organic spelt

Lovingly assembled in Switzerland before shipping to your home


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