Grapefruit Cleansing, Moisturizing Tonic, 80ml

Refreshes and vitalizes a low-humidity skin particularly gently and removes the last traces of cleansing. Prepares the skin optimally for the active ingredient complexes of the subsequent care. The vitamin C-rich grapefruit is predestined for facial care due to its metabolic-stimulating, vitalizing effect. Herbal hyaluronic acid gives the skin a firm and firm base through deep moisture supply. The organic fresh plant extract from the Aloe Vera leaf supports cell regeneration through its richness of minerals, enzymes, trace elements and vitamins. Aloe Vera sustainably fills the skin’s moisture deposits, making the skin firmer and softening the first wrinkles. Legend has it that it is the only plant that comes from the Garden of Eden… Organic orange blossom water refreshes, regenerates and soothes the skin.


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