Cotton Pique Blanket Natural

Our cotton pique blanket is an essential accessory for your yoga practice, at home or in the studio. It is light and easy to handle and is made of gorgeous pure cotton with a pretty border.

Cotton Pique Blanket Natural

Skin-friendly, easy to care for and stable in shape.

Cotton pique blanket for all your yoga needs. Improve your practice with this lush soft and natural blanket. Can be folded or rolled to support a variety of yoga asanas. Carefully manufactured in India with our long-term partner. Usage: an ideal prop for your practice at home and in the studio, place over the body during Corpse pose, help to keep the body warm and relaxed, as support under the shoulders in shoulder stand, as support for the knees in Cat and Cow Pose or Low Lunge, an ideal companion for restorative yoga.

An attractive, easy-care blanket is essential for keeping the client warm after the massage or wellness treatment.

  • Dimensions (after first washing): approx. 200 cm x 150 cm
  • 100% cotton
  • Washable up to 40°C, iron-free
  • Weight approx. 1,100 g


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