Easy Bag – Green bag for yoga mats with bodhi logo

Easy Bag: Simple yoga mat bag with bodhi logo

This Easy Bag is a simple polypropylene yoga mat bag designed to protect and transport your yoga mat. No matter whether you often take your mat with you to the yoga studio or want to store it safely at home: The colorful Easy Bag with bodhi logo reliably protects your yoga mat from dust, dirt and scratches.

We recommend the Easy Bag for yoga mats up to 60 cm wide and approx. 2 kg in weight. It is not suitable for wool mats or very heavy yoga mats. The material polypropylene is degradable and recyclable. Please note that the bag is not waterproof.

By the way: The Easy Bag Yoga Bag is also very suitable as yoga mats gift packaging!

  • Simple bag for yoga mats
  • Cheerful, bright colours
  • Cool and functional design
  • Top value for money
  • Material: 100% polypropylene
  • 70 x 17 cm


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