Chakra Stone Aromatherapy Mala Bracelet


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Obsidian is the stone of truth and a powerful protective stone that protects against negativity and at the same time grounds and prevents fears. The bracelet contains a stone that represents the healing color of each chakra – it balances the mind, body and spirit. Add a drop of your favorite essential oil to the black lava stone to use your bracelet for aromatherapy.

Our obsidian and chakra stone bracelet is mounted on a strong stretch cord and decorated with tin.


Gemstone bracelets are threaded onto a strong, stretchy cord and provided with a lead- and cadmium-free plated pearl.

Due to the use of natural stones in the manufacture of the products, size and colors may vary for each piece. We only use natural gemstones for the production of our products.

Care: Put on your bracelet by rolling it over your hand and stretching it as little as possible. Keep the bracelet away from products that affect the quality of the rubber band over time, such as soaps, perfumes, lotions, sunscreen, salt water, etc.

These gemstone bracelets are individually handmade with love and intention in South Africa.