Cork block with OM symbol

The material used is Oak Tree cork, making our yoga cork blocks 100 percent organic, recyclable, and toxin-free yoga props.

Cork Block with OM symbol in Sanskrit – ‘OM or AUM’ sound is considered to be the very root of physical creation. Almost all the yogic traditions teach AUM chanting combined with deep exhalation to bring physical and mental balance and to activate the energy system.

Size – 23 x 12 x 7.5 cm

Weight – 380 gm

How to Use a Yoga Tree Cork Block – Whenever you aren’t able to extend yourself fully without compromising the correct alignment, due to lack of flexibility, use the block as a foundation for additional support. It can also be used for seated postures like Sukhasana (place one block each under your thighs) and Vajrasana (place the block under your hips to raise the surface to sit upon).


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