NATCH Yoga Mat Cleaner 200 ml


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NATCH Yoga Mat All Day Cleaner 200 ml- Cleansing foam for all yoga mats

Natch! YOGA MAT CLEANER ALL DAY: The yoga mat cleaner for every day

The YOGA MAT CLEANER ALL DAY is a yoga mat cleaner for quick and easy cleaning in between. With the cleansing foam based on vegetable surfactants, you can rid your mat of dust, sweat and unpleasant odours and start the next yoga session with a hygienic feeling.

To clean the yoga mat, the YOGA MAT ALL DAY CLEANER is applied to the yoga mat with a soft, clean cloth or sponge and then rinsed with clear water. The cleaning foam is suitable for yoga mats made of PVC, TPE and natural rubber and is free of bleach, animal by-products, phosphates and preservatives.

The practical YOGA MAT CLEANER ALL DAY by Natch!

  • Yoga mats cleaner for daily cleaning
  • Suitable for any yoga mat (PVC, TPE, natural rubber)
  • Frees the mat from dirt, sweat and smells
  • Reduces dirt absorption
  • Ingredients 100% biodegradable
  • Dermatologically tested

Ingredients: < 5% nonic surfactants, fragrances, LIMONENE, organic spirit, orange oil.


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