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The robust block made of press cork is equally noble and functional and   helpful for special standing yoga poses. 

The corners and edges are slightly rounded.

Size: 23 cm   x 12 cm   x 7.5 cm –   Weight:   380 gr.

The material used is oak tree cork, which makes our yoga cork blocks 100 percent organic, recyclable and non-toxic.

Cork Blocks with “Keep Calm and Carry Om” – The sound “OM or AUM” is considered to be the very root of physical creation. Almost all yogic traditions teach the chanting of AUM in conjunction with a deep exhalation to establish physical and mental balance and activate the energy system.

This design has a fun, quirky twist! After all, yoga is about living a hearty and joyful life!

  • Size – 23 x 12 x 7,5 cm
  • Weight – 380 gm


Using the Yoga Tree Cork block – Whenever you are unable to fully stretch without compromising proper alignment due to a lack of flexibility, use the block as a foundation for extra support. It can also be used for seated postures like Sukhasana (placing a block under each thigh) and Vajrasana (placing the block under the hips to raise the seat).

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