Neti Pot with Mandala 250 ml

Traditional nasal rinse for cleansing and caring for the nasal and pharyngeal space

This beautiful, colored nasal rinse pot (Neti Pot) is used for efficient cleansing and care of the nasal and pharyngeal cavity. Rinsing the nose with salt water is also known as Jala Neti and is one of the six yogic cleansing exercises, the so-called Shat Kriyas. The Neti Pots are made of elaborately glazed ceramic and are provided with a mandala.

Nasal irrigation with warm salt water has a positive effect on the entire nasal area: dust, pollen and incrustations are dissolved and washed away and the nasal mucosa is supported in its defense function. Regular use of the nasal rinse can prevent respiratory diseases in a natural and gentle way and provide relief from nasal congestion, colds or inflammation of the forehead and sinuses.

  • Traditional nasal rinse jug
  • Cleans and nourishes the nose and throat area
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Capacity approx. 250 ml

Nasal douche with the nasal rinse jug

For nasal irrigation with the nasal rinse, dissolve half a teaspoon of salt in 250 ml of warm water. Turn your head to the side and, bent over a sink, run the saline from the upper nostril through the lower nostril. Then switch the page.
For the saline solution, we recommend iodine-free, natural and fine-grained sea salt or rock salt. Alternatively, the nasal rinsing salt available in drugstores in ready-dosed sachets is also suitable.


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